The Live-aboard Scuba Experience

You are a diver, right? You love to spend your time in and on the water. You have saved up all year and looked forward to that vacation. So why then go to a resort, and then slip out to your dive boat – after all you are not here to play golf or lounge around the pool – you are here to Scuba Dive. So why not book a Live-aboard Dive vacation?

As the name itself implies, a Live-aboard is exactly that – you live on board the vessel for the length of the dive trip. There are many good reasons to choose a live-aboard dive vacation, not the least of which is that you get to dive almost as much as you can and are physically capable of.

Unlike on a typical dive vacation, you can dive 3-4 or even more times a day, depending on your own capabilities and the location. More importantly, you are free to go where you want on a Live-aboard. The best captains of Live-aboard dive boats know how to find and get to the best sites. While on some live-aboard’s a diver may be close to “roughing-it” where diving is priority and accommodations are comfortable but nothing special, there are those Live-aboard’s that not only give you access to great diving, but then also treat you like the owner of your own luxury yacht – featuring luxury cabins and an executive chef to prepare state-of-the-art meals.

Most of the top Dive locations, Australia, Phuket,The Caribbean and the Florida Keys offer many well-known vessels and Live-aboard choices. A typical Live-aboard dive trip is 5 days to a week and would go something like this: wake up, grab your breakfast, go to a the briefing on what the days dive activities will be, walk to the back of the boat, grab your buddy and you’re ready to dive – just like that. Done diving? Then resurface, back on the boat for a hot shower, maybe a quick snack while the boat moves on to another dive site, and you’re back in again. This will go on through Lunch & Dinner, where dives will be scheduled (appropriate to decompression limits of course).

There are many reasons to choose a live-aboard dive vacation over a road trip. Not only do you get to experience the beauty of a variety of dive spots, but also as part of the itinerary on a live-aboard the crew may choose to spend an entire day at a single dive site. Being able to dive the same site at different depths and different times of day is a fascinating experience.  Different fish and marine life have different schedules making even a you are familiar with, a completely alien place at night, or even at dawn. To see how the underwater world changes over the cycle of a day is simply amazing.


Live-aboards offer a fascinating and exciting alternative to land-based trips. But like any dive vacation, do your research and know what you are booking – and choose a Live-aboard that best suits your preferences, stamina and interests, who knows, you may never take a land-based trip again.