10 Must-Have Scuba Accessories

Every Diver knows the basic scuba dive gear and will at the barest minimum, own their own wet suite, snorkel, fins, mask and compensator. But there are plenty of dive accessories that can make any divers’ underwater life a little bit easier. Below is our list of the ten “must-have” pieces of dive gear or dive accessories.


1. A Dry Suit for cold water diving – Dry suits keep divers warm in a unique way. Unlike wets suit as the name implies a Dry Suit uses air, not water trapped within the suit for insulation. Completely sealed, it allows you to wear clothes, even street clothes underneath it. A dry suit is a must have for any cold weather diving.

2. A Gear Bag – If you are doing any kind of traveling with your gear, a scuba gear bag is absolutely a necessity. It is a small investment that helps you keep all your expensive gear safe and secure while in transport.

3. A Dive Knife – A dive knife is an indispensable diving tool. Notice that it’s mentioned as “Tool” NOT weapon – a dive knife is not there to protect you from sharks or other creatures of the deep, but it can save your life if you become tangled up in netting or monofilament lines.

4. A Dive Computer – Scuba diving computers eliminate the need for dive tables to calculate depth time and decompression needs. Dive computers are revolutionizing diving and have been one of the greatest innovations to diver safety since the invention ofthe aqualung. Dive computers can be no bigger than an ordinary dive watch.

5A Regulator – While many casual divers will rent regulators along with tanks, but if you are going to do a significant amount of dives throughout the year, it is best to own your own regulator. This way proper maintenance and functionality can be assured. With your regulator literally your lifeline underwater, this just makes good sense.

6. Dive Watch – If you are not going the more sophisticated route of a wrist dive computer, a dive watch is absolutely necessary for monitoring bottom time (plus most of them look darn good on your wrist!).

7. Under Water Camera -There was a time when a list such as this would recommend an underwater housing for your surface camera, but the cost of good underwater cameras both digital and traditional have come down so much in the last few years that anyone can get into underwater photography with a camera specifically made for it.

8. Booties, Mitts & Hood – If you are going to be doing any diving in cold water, these accessories are required. As on land, underwater you lose most of your body heat through your head and extremities.

9. A “Multi-tool” – the next generation “Swiss Army Knife” is a must-have for remote fixes and adjustments to dive gear. Leatherman (http://www.leatherman.com/) makes a great one, and there are others specifically made with the fittings and wrench sizes most common on dive gear.

10. Ties and Retractors – make it easier to carry additional dive gear like lights, cave reels, etc.